List of Works / Projects

Solo discography

Notated works

  • 2024. Flower Dictionary, for eight voices, for The Marian Consort
  • 2023. English Dancing Master, for pre-recorded voices and string quartet, for Phaedra Ensemble
  • 2022. Map of the Fingers, for speaking/singing violinist, for Nadja Zwiener
  • 2021. The Halogens, for speaking voice, Dictaphones and strings, for Apartment House
  • 2019. Anticlock, for amplified ensemble (9 players) and pre-recorded voices, for Decibel

Watch ANTICLOCK on Youtube here.

  • 2018. Five Loops for the Bathyscaphe, for piano trio and pre-recorded voices, for the Britten Sinfonia
  • 2017. Si la passion pour les plantes exotiques, for recorder (tenor in D), for Tabea Debus
  • 2016. Affix Stamp Here, for vocal ensemble, analogue synthesisers and projections, for EXAUDI

Hear Affix Stamp Here on Youtube here.

  • 2016. Saturated, for baroque ensemble and pre-recorded voices, for Nordic Affect
  • 2016. Bibas was Bombed / Malcolm McLaren, Love and Hate, for percussion quartet and vocalist, for Abstruckt
  • 2016. Freezywater, for pre-recorded voices and ensemble, for Apartment House
  • 2014. The Indistinguishables, for pre-recorded voices and string quartet, for Quatour Bozzini
  • 2014. Vapour Descriptors, for two pianos, written for Kate Halsall for the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
  • 2013. Brown Leather Sofa, for large orchestra, for the London Symphony Orchestra
  • 2011. X Chairman Maos, for amplified ensemble and voice, for Apartment House
  • 2010. Unison: Things Are Getting Worse, for 12 pianos, prepared for David Cunningham’s ‘A Lot of Pianos’ event
  • 2001. De La Salle2, for recorder quartet playing multiple instruments
  • 1999. The Reflecting Pool, for piano and analogue synths / drones

N.B. Unlisted works are pending revision.

Notated works discography (compliations)

  • 2017. Leo Chadburn, De La Salle included on The Flautadors' Bavardage, First Hand Recordings
  • 2017. Leo Chadburn, Si la passion pour les plantes exotiques included on Tabea Debus' XXIV Fantasie per il Flauto, TYXart
  • 2016. Leo Chadburn, Brown Leather Sofa included on LSO, The Panufnik Legacies II, LSO Live Records
  • 2016. Leo Chadburn, Vapour Descriptors included on Kate Halsall, Miniaturised Concertos, Metier/Divine Art

Live performances (highlights)

  • 2017-2019. The Mark on the Wall, appearances as "the narrator" in Stepha Schweiger's opera (after Virginia Woolf), in Ulm, Berlin and London (Tête à Tête festival)
  • 2017. LCMF (London Contemporary Music Festival), solo vocal performance of works by Travis Just, Jennifer Walshe and Christopher Fox
  • 2017. LCMF, vocalist in Robert Ashley's World War III, Just the Highlights, with Sam Ashley, Elaine Mitchener and Patricia Auchterlonie
  • 2015. The Text Message, Sound and Music touring programme of various UK venues, curated and performed by Leo and including work by Peter Ablinger, Yannis Kyriakides and more
  • 2013. LCMF, vocalist in Frederic Rzewski's Coming Together
  • 2007. National Theatre, appearances as "The Singer" in Brecht's Caucasian Chalk Circle, nationwide tour and in repertory at The Cottesloe Theatre.
  • 2007. Not Wanting To Say Anything About John Cage, site-specific performance at Magazin4 Gallery, Bregenz, Austria
  • 2006. Moisture & Funeral, site-specific performance at TwoSee Boutique, London

N.B. In addition, more than 200 performances as Simon Bookish throughout Europe, 2004 onwards, including appearances at The Scala, Bush Hall, Cafe Oto, The Vortex, TRASH, Kashpoint (London); festivals and venues in Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, Amsterdam, Geneva, Porto and Athens. Also, support appearances with Franz Ferdinand, Polar Bear, Grizzly Bear, Adult., The Irrepressibles, Dan Deacon and Planningtorock.

Scores and soundtracks for visual art

  • 2022. Jennet Thomas, The Great Curdling (film and installation), Whitstable Biennale
  • 2018. Jennet Thomas, Animal Condensed >> Animal Expanded#2 (film and installation), Tintype Gallery, London
  • 2017. Marianna Simnet, Worst Gift (film and installation), Matt's Gallery, London
  • 2017. Jasleen Kaur, Yoorop (single screen video installation), V&A Museum, London
  • 2016. Frances Scott, CANWEYE { } (16mm film and installation), Focal Point Gallery, Southend
  • 2015. Marianna Simnet, Blue Roses (film and performance), Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London
  • 2015. Jennet Thomas, The Unspeakable Freedom Device (single screen video and sculptural installation), Grundy Gallery, Blackpool
  • 2015. Jordan McKenzie, Shame Chorus (performance), Freud Museum, London
  • 2015. Frances Scott, The Pilgrim and the Glow Worm (site-specific performance), Granary Square, London
  • 2014. Richard Grayson, Nothing Can Stop Us Now (five screen video installation), Dilston Grove / Matt’s Gallery, London
  • 2013. Cerith Wyn Evans, Imagination Dead Imagine (performance), IMMA, Dublin
  • 2012. Jennet Thomas, School of Change (single screen video and sculptural installation), Matt’s Gallery, London
  • 2012. Tanya Axford, The Path Made by a Boat in Sound (3 Down) (performance and sculptural installation), Whitstable Biennale
  • 2012. Ruiz Stephinson, Vagabond Galactica (mixed-media installation), Flers, Normandy
  • 2010., Recessional Aesthetics (sound installation), James Taylor Gallery, London
  • 2009. Richard Grayson, The Golden Space City of God (single screen video installation), Matt’s Gallery, London / ArtPace, San Antonio
  • 2006. Sandrine Nicoletta, Interplay (sound installation), Galleria Maze, Turin

Scores for theatre

  • 2007. Brecht, The Caucasian Chalk Circle (original score), National Theatre
  • 2007. Stephen Brown, Future Me (original score), Theatre503
  • 2007. Frauke Requardt, Jammy Dodgers (electronic music), Royal Opera House

Remix discography

  • 2013. Serafina Steer, Motion Pictures, Stolen Recordings
  • 2012. Seb Rochford and Alice Grant, Rini Gave Word, The Leaf Label
  • 2012. Alexander’s Festival Hall, Upturned in Slow Motion, Melodical Trax
  • 2010. Late of the Pier, Blueberry, Phantasy Sound
  • 2010. Piney Gir, After the Flood, Damaged Goods
  • 2010. The Chap, We Work in Bars, Lo Recordings
  • 2010. Owen Pallett, Keep the Dog Quiet, Domino Records
  • 2009. Acoustic Ladyland, The Mighty Q, Strong and Wrong
  • 2005. Grizzly Bear, Eavesdropping, Kanine/Rumraket
  • 2005. The Organ, Memorize the City, Noize
  • 2004. Franz Ferdinand, Michael, Domino

Guest / session / featured performance discography

  • 2013. Serafina Steer, The Moths Are Real, Stolen Recordings
  • 2013. PowerPlant, 24 Lies Per Second, Signum Classics
  • 2012. Saint Etienne, Words and Music by Saint Etienne, Heavenly Recordings
  • 2011. On Kawara, One Million Years [Past and Future] No. 69 & 70, Published by
  • 2010. Sion, Roam E.P., WW Music
  • 2010. Fan Death, Womb of Dreams, Mercury
  • 2010. Fan Death, A Coin for the Well, Mercury
  • 2006. Leafcutter John, The Forest and The Sea, Staubgold
  • 2004. Max de Wardener, Where I am Today, Accidental
  • 2003. Leafcutter John, The Housebound Spirit, Planet μ
  • 2003. Patrick Wolf, Lycanthropy, Tomlab
  • 2003. Patrick Wolf, Patrick Wolf EP, Tomlab
  • 2002. Saint Etienne: Finisterre, Mantra